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Jam jingles on Now 80s (SKY channel 378)
  • Just a heads up, that Simon Bates has a Golden Hour show on this music tv station and has dug out the old Golden Hour accapellas from 1978 and one of the cuts from the 1984 package too. Sorry I haven't got any video/audio of it as I don't have the facility to capture video.

    It's on tv now!
  • wolfiewolfie March 24
    Just to add that they've added a few more Jam resings during other shows, alongside Mark Goodier voiced promos. The one I heard this afternoon was based on the old R1 Top 40 "The chart that counts - Great Britains Top 40" jingle. They're also showing what I assume are original ads for the Now albums from the 80s.
  • Thanks Wolfie! I'll have a listen in again.
  • wolfiewolfie March 28
    The jingles only appear to pop up in shows which aren't charts - so they don't seem to get a lot of use!!!
  • Could anyone with a few hours spare possibly do a montage of them please?