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Origin of 1970's American Top 40 Synth Bed Ending
  • I looked through the forum before posting, so if I missed it please accept my apologies. I'm trying to confirm who produced the ending synthesizer theme for Casey Kasem's American Top 40 back when it started in 1970. I swore it was PAMS as I think I have a dub on one of my Ken R. cds but since I don't have the discs readily available I'm posing the question here.

    Thanks in advance.
  • I'm shocked that nobody here even has a guess on this one. Guess I'll need to do some more research.
  • JAM+%2F+PAMSJAM / PAMS March 2017
    No guessing needed. It was made by PAMS, along with the "Casey's Coast to Coast... American Top 40" acappellas and the number countdown acappellas which were used in the early years of the show.