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Chris Tarrant - Capital Breakfast - Late Nineties
  • Neunie74Neunie74 March 2017
    Here are two of Chris Tarrant's breakfast jingles.

    The great man says he left Capital without taking any of his jingles. If you can find more, I can pass onto CT.
  • petewilsonpetewilson March 2017
    These and several others can be found on the old WDTM Capital FM Demos....
    It's the Jane Wiedlin "Rush Hour" Cover that I would like to hear in the clear (CT did play it several times in the clear but I never was at home to record it!!)
    Incidentally if are in contact with CT tell him I miss him covering for Steve Wright....
    It's a turn-off nowadays with either the talentless Scouse or the bland Paddy covering!!! :-(
  • PKPK March 2017
    At the time Rush Hour was in the American Billboard Hot 100 singles chart, Jane Wiedlin did re-record vocals on part of her song with customised vocals for various American radio stations. I remember the version Jane did for KDWB.