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Semi-OT: Internet Radio
  • jkthedjjkthedj February 2017
    I didn't know where to write about this; and hopefully this will inspire a future "Off-Topic" section of the site for future posts like these, but since everybody here is a bigger radio expert than I am, I figure this would be a good place to ask a couple questions. I was thinking of starting an internet radio station--a music channel that plays music from TV shows, theme songs (on air & album length), original songs, etc.--But before I dive head first into it, I was curious about a few things that google (for some reason) couldn't answer in a straight way:

    1. What is the most cost-efficient way to run a station?

    2. Is a broadcasting license (BMI/ASCAP/SESAC) 100% mandatory, or is it more of a "Suggestion" to cover my tracks legally?

    3. Given the choice between Live365, Shoutcast et. al., which is the best place to broadcast from--not just on an economical point, but also sound quality/stream durability?

    4. Would I be allowed to "crowdfund" the channel (I.e. Kickstarter and such), or does it have to be a private venture?

    5. I'm also going to need a website to house the stream, would a D-I-Y website (I.e. Wix, wordpress, etc) work, or would I need a more professional "Go Daddy" type site?

    6. Those are the main concerns, but am I missing anything else that's important?

    Any help would be great, I hope to launch the channel soon. Thank you.

  • IainJohnstonIainJohnston February 2017
    At least from the States you'll have less of a tangled minefield of awkwardness/play-fees/nightmares
    than some of the UK/UK-related streamers that are JMers have :^)

    I'm sure you'll get some excellent advice - but I would definately say be very careful with
    "broadcasting-related" audio/video since so much of it is close-circuit licenced/contract-use
    and legally requires direct "consent" from the Copyright owners - even if its a "friendly nod" from
    a few jingle company owners - e.g. see how JingleMad radio makes the effort to ensure they have
    permission to online "air" various producers work, even "dormant" or closed-down producers, because
    the Rights still can be extant for many years and somebody-somewhere will still have ownership.

    Hope you can make a go of it!
  • tyty21tyty21 February 2017
    That would be a great station if it gets the launch!
  • CanadaJimCanadaJim February 2017
    You could try reaching out to these guys for some pro advice;
    There are also some good nuggets of info on their website.

    If you're after a cost effective radio automation program (and don't plan on having an army of DJ's), I can recommend;