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GB moves on
  • ratnobratnob February 2017
    As you may know, I have a new job from April this year:

    Naturally I'm putting together a farewell CD mix to say goodbye to the 200 or so staff I currently work with.
    Jon Wolfert has been amazing in the time he has given to this. The final audio contains various mixes involving chants by the singers and voice-overs by me. I won't bore you with them - but I think the students and staff at our school will love them. Instead, here are the two basic cuts:

    Keep on Coasting cut 11, plus an additional initial acappella:
    Radio One custom 1972 cut 8

    Geoffy B
  • LenGroatLenGroat February 2017
    Thanks for the creativity and jingle nostalgia GB !

    A great pleasure hearing that old Radio 1 cut again - nicely done!
  • MarkSMarkS February 2017
    Great jingles Geoff – love the R1 remake – thanks for posting. Good luck in your new job!!
  • IainJohnstonIainJohnston February 2017
    “When I was at school I wanted to be Noel Edmonds ... in this week’s most startling revelation"

    Jeez, at first I thought it was more "f&ke n%ws!

    Congratulations and the very best of luck with the new job - it DOES look like a "Challenge" and a half
    - will the interfering political plonkers as described on that site be regaled with endless loops of the
    JAM Song (and more) to beat them into submission?

    Will the CD be "limited edition" and become a rare "Collector's Item" ?
  • ratnobratnob February 2017
    The CD will be extremely rare - I'm making 200 copies, one for each member of staff!
    There will be a 5-minute montage that I made yesterday, featuring one song from each of the 15 years since I started. That'll be posted on the school FaceBook page on the afternoon I finish (March 31).
    Oh - and here's the opening silliness that Jon W helped me to create:
    My v/o recorded on my phone as I don't have any real recording facilities.
    Hope you enjoy.

  • martinlestermartinlester February 2017
    Very Nice Jeff

    Thanks for posting
  • scotronscotron February 2017
    Thanks for posting those fabulous cuts. Who else would take the time and effort to produce something like this. Only Jon and Jam. All the very best in your new job Geoff. Oh, and look forward to the 5 minute montage.
  • gameswizardgameswizard February 2017
    ratnob said:

    here's the opening silliness that Jon W helped me to create:

    That's actually a .wav file, not an .mp3 file.


    Format : Wave
    File size : 8.95 MiB
    Duration : 53 s 187 ms
    Overall bit rate mode : Constant
    Overall bit rate : 1 411 kb/s

    Format : PCM
    Format settings, Endianness : Little
    Format settings, Sign : Signed
    Codec ID : 1
    Duration : 53 s 187 ms
    Bit rate mode : Constant
    Bit rate : 1 411.2 kb/s
    Channel(s) : 2 channels
    Sampling rate : 44.1 kHz
    Bit depth : 16 bits
    Stream size : 8.95 MiB (100%)

  • tyty21tyty21 February 2017
    one of my favorite cuts from keep on kostin, a classic! well done, sir! that opening vocal, brilliant! wow! just wow!
  • ratnobratnob March 2017
    Wow. Or perhaps that should be wowo.

    At the staff farewell to me last night - after 15 years as Headeacher of our school - the staff presented me with this gift ... a personal cut from JAM. It's cut 10 from 'We'll Make Your Day".

    These were the lyrics they developed with Jon (the reference to an owl is a story I told at one staff meeting):

    GB Farewell Staff Tribute

    At King Edward the Sixth School
    We’re holding back some tears
    As we honour the headteacher
    We’ve had for fifteen years

    Geoff Barton: you’re like none that’s gone before

    Your DJ skills have bored us all
    We’ve put up with your disco ball
    And silly stories about owls stuck in chimneys (what?)
    But you’re the best and we’ll miss you, Geoff

    All the musicals and evenings
    The concerts and the plays
    Debating competitions
    You never missed a day

    Geoff Barton: you’re our teacher, boss, and friend

    Keep making all those mix CDs
    Though now we just use MP3s
    Good luck to you and keep on writing and fighting (for us!)
    You are the best
    And we’ll miss you, Geoff

  • jonnojonno March 2017
    Wow indeed
  • iJinglesiJingles March 2017
    That's a beautiful, well-deserved tribute Geoff. Good luck with your new gig - hope the new crew have a welcoming jingle ready ;)
  • What a brilliant gift, congratulations Geoff. I love the idea of your colleagues listening to demos and writing lyrics behind your back. What next, a personal cut for Easter... or Fathers Day!? Now there's an idea
  • IainJohnstonIainJohnston March 2017
    Indeed, what a way to "make Geoff's day" ... Excellent!

    When it comes to Personal Cuts, we all know how difficult it can be to get to "make the words that we want, fit the notes"
    ... and that must have been quite a session to make that all work!

    I tip my hat to Jon, his craftmanship, and the singers for getting those lyrics "in"...
    ... and Geoff's colleagues, pupils, family and friends for keeping the "project" a surprise :^)

    PS - Geoff, can we expect your first "party conference" to open with the JAM Song? ;^))
  • mjb1124mjb1124 March 2017
    What a wonderful parting gift!
  • IanFIanF March 2017
    Wonderful! Great harmonies there from JAM and what a prezzie too!
  • m_hodgeym_hodgey March 2017
    An excellent and fitting tribute that made me smile. Good luck with the new job Geoff.
  • ratnobratnob March 2017

    A montage of my farewell mix: songs from my headship 2002 to 2017, with Neal Bowden supplying the voicers:
  • scotronscotron July 2017
    Well, am sorry, but what a great gift from Jam. Truly the best in the business. ;-) All the very best for the future. Ron.