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Help Identifying a Mystery Sounder
  • lemonmellowlemonmellow February 2017
    I am looking for help finding a sounder. I believe I heard it on the radio in the 1990s, possibly WBBM news radio Chicago.

    I put together a sound file of 3 examples. These examples sound like the sounder I am looking for. Particularly the first one, it is very similar to the sound I can't find, very synth and with a fast upward progression, but in a different key.

    The third one is a CBS sounder, and I think the sound I'm looking for might be an electronic variation of it. The sound I want might be part of Eric Siday's Identitones Demo (1:28), which if anyone could upload or send to me, that would be appreciated.

    Or if anyone knows the sounder I'm looking for... I think it might be by Siday, but it could be a corporate logo, etc. It's a needle in a haystack type thing.

    Here is the example file I put together:
  • glenglen February 2017
    It sounds BBM
  • IainJohnstonIainJohnston February 2017
    The end bit does sound like one of the Siday ones - at the correct speed instead of the bizarre
    half-speed copies.

    The front bits?
  • lemonmellowlemonmellow February 2017
    I just want to clarify, I know the sounds that are in my example clip (Steve Miller Fly Like an Eagle, WGBH logo, CBS sounder).

    The sounder I'm looking for sounds like an amalgam of all three.

    The Steve Miller synth comes closest. The sound I'm looking for is so close to that sound, very synth, upward progression of about 4 or 5 notes. But in a different tone/key. In visual terms, it's a sound kind of like a newspaper spinning toward the screen in a movie edit, but with the zeitgeist of an 80s laser grid.

    I think it's probably a Moog synth that leads into a jittery background news drone. But it could be just Moog, a corporate or other logo, as a standalone, just a few seconds long.

    Again, I'm well aware that I'm looking for a needle in a haystack. But I'm still mostly sure that it exists somewhere out there.
  • buckshotbuckshot February 2017
    Could it be one of the short electronic logos included on the TM The Producer discs?
  • radiocitybillradiocitybill February 2017
    If you go to this page on Don Swain's WCBS Appreciation Page you'll find a bunch of sounders like the third one. In fact, I gave Don the dub of the station sounders that I had - scroll down to WCBS Signature Sounds
  • tyty21tyty21 February 2017
    i happen to know all 3. 1: happens to be from the end of the song "Fly Like An Eagle"
    2: the WGBH Boston Television logo,
    the third one, the one you're mainly looking for, is in fact a classic CBS news stager, a stager that was heard before the more well-known CBS-Radio and CBS news sounders.