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TM WLYF recording session (Summer 2016)
  • mjb1124mjb1124 February 2017

    Here's a nice video of a recording session from last summer of a new TM custom for WLYF Miami. Not sure if these are on the air yet - the ones I heard on the station stream recently seemed to be from older packages, and there's no demo out yet. Definitely liking the sound of this cut - it's a modern upbeat rhythmic track, perfectly suited for today's AC, but the logo and vocal style are still classic. Always liked the WLYF Miami packages from TM.
  • MarcMannetjeMarcMannetje February 2017
    Great, thanks for sharing! I love those packages too. TM evolved the sound through the years with brassy, sometimes tropical and now modern orchestration but kept the heritage 'WMGK'-logo from the beginning...

    You can still find earlier packages (South Beach-series) here:
  • jinglejoejinglejoe February 2017
  • mjb1124mjb1124 May 2017
    Demo is now up for "Lite Touch". Cut 4 is the one featured in the video.
  • Good spot and sounds fresh, new, different. I really like this contemporary twist on the Dallas style. Notice each cut end sing IS different and in many clever, subtle ways.
  • mjb1124 said:

    14 ID cuts, and the lyrics are completely bland (101.5 Lite FM). Although I suppose there's not much room to say (sing?) anything else.

    The Ramps are no better - they introduce an extra "101.5". How awesome.

    Overall, it seems they made the backing tracks using the least amount of instruments possible.
  • mjb1124mjb1124 May 2017
    It's what the client asked for. The instrumentation is consistent with what gets played on AC stations nowadays, and if the client wanted different lyrics then they would have asked for them (as could other clients that want a resing). I do find it a little odd that the holiday cuts don't even have a "Merry Christmas" or "Happy Holidays" line, but hey, the PD is the boss.

    I think, despite the limitations placed on them, TM has continuously done a good job of updating the "Magic Music" sound for WLYF. These cuts stand out in a good way from the typical modern AC fare.
  • glenglen May 2017
    Its good stuff!
  • mjb1124mjb1124 January 2018
    Longtime WLYF PD Rob Sidney is out. Let's see how much longer these distinctive jingles last. Seeing how things have been going with the CBS/Entercom merger, I'd expect WLYF to become another cookie-cutter station before too long. :(