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MPF Basics 049 Now Available
  • Number 49 in a series of collector downloads is now available for $20. MPF Basics 49 features the basic cuts of the following in the clear :

    Track 1 : Contact 94 – Alfasound – Beacon 2 (8’23)
    Track 2 : CJWW – Century 21 – Highway 21 - 1989 - (6’48)
    Track 3 : WCDS (CD96) – TM Century – Madison Avenue - 1991 (4’31)
    Track 4 : WIVK – TM Productions – Hot Country – 1990 (4’41)
    Track 5 : WQXI (94Q) – TM Productions – Trancenders – 1988 (4’33)
    Track 6 : KAJA (KJ97) – TM Productions – KZLA Package – 1988 (5’18)

    All jingles have been transferred directly from the reference reels and DAT'S and are uploaded as wav files for optimum quality. Head to and click 'products' to place your order. Once processed a download link will be sent to you.

    Tracks marked in bold are available as full collector dubs featuring the mixouts as supplied to the radio station. These are priced separately at $49. Durations of individual packages will vary and not all mixouts may be included on the master reference. Email for details.

    All jingles are for personal use only. They are NOT licensed for broadcast and may not be shared or posted in full online. All copyrights are still in force and the jingles remain the property of TM Studios, Inc. - Dallas, TX USA, Muff Murfin - Worcester, UK, S2Blue/Steve England Sale, UK, Tony Griffin Productions - Dallas, TX USA, Thompson Creative Productions (a division of Zone Radio Imaging, New York, NY) and/or Johnny Hooper.

    Sample montage featuring one cut from each track.
  • gameswizardgameswizard January 2017

    Track 3 : WCDS (CD96) – TM Century – Madison Avenue - 1991 (4’31)

    It sounded like WCDA was sung to me.

  • IainJohnstonIainJohnston January 2017
    And its WCDA on an old ref file I have here for that package.
    Adjacent keyboard keys though - too many bleary-eyed hours dubbing DATs Neal? :^)

    Also:- may one ask if the putative "Pick & Mix" ordering system from MPF of just buying the dubs
    one wants from MPF Basics selections rather than having to take all the "not-interested-in ones",
    as in the survey a wee while back, is likely to appear at some point?