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An Xmas Demo Mock Up/Loving Present! (Century 21's Holiday Jingle Package)
  • RobinBlamiresRobinBlamires December 2016
    Sorry if I’m stealing any lightning bolts or so from Professor,
    but here’s a mock jingle demo with a difference.

    Sandie P - Holiday Jingles (Mock Up Demo) TM Studios/Century 21

    Recently I managed to get an assortment of JAM and TM jingles sung for the radio producer Karen P at Folded Wing to celebrate the company’s 10th birthday.

    They can be found on my Soundcloud, but I also used the opportunity to buy something for Sandie, her delightful mother (and the company’s office manager!) resung from one of my favourite festive jingle packages.

    A parting shot I guess, after years of buying my own jingle resings and they’re a lot better than anything sung with my own name quite frankly.

    And you know what, I’ll treat you to a special montage from the presentation I made for Karen, with just the jingles.

    All the very best!
  • IainJohnstonIainJohnston December 2016
    Not many people get their own Personal Cut mini-packages as a PRESENT !!!

    Nice one Robin, well done! :^)
  • PKPK December 2016
    Century 21 on the whole had a quite distinct sound of its own and that is very much reflected in this great mock up Xmas demo.

    Great to hear a different version of these festive cuts, love the harmonies on the great Dallas vocals! ;-)