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BBC Radio Wales - 2019 - Mcasso
  • mbmb May 14
    BBC Radio Wales launch new imaging today

    Mcasso say:-
    Our team of five Composers, led by Music Director Tom Martin, arranged the new logo for 13 different themes including News, Travel and Sport!

    Interested in thoughts and reviews

    for comparison the 2012 package is here produced by Wise Buddah

    All I can say is it continues the tradition of dull, lifeless, tuneless impaging produced for the BBC. Very similar to the BBC Local package. I suspect produced on the usual BBC worldwide deal - you write the music, we own the publishing, and use our musicians.

    Much prefer the Reelworld sound for BBC Scotland
  • A hint of the BBC Radio Scotland RW package there, but indeed a bit bland by comparison - not the
    fault of the musicians, just the writers/poducers(?) - it took FIVE of them !?! Quantity not quality.

    Also, why are they using an old JAM RADIO ONE logo melody from the 70s/80s ???

    PS - "Worldwide deal" - still to hear if any existing McCasso material for the BBC has been "syndicated"
    to anyone, anywhere else yet ?
  • Paul+MPaul M May 15

    Are the new Radio Wales Idents on the site ?
  • Er...which site Paul ???
  • mbmb May 15

    Are the new Radio Wales Idents on the site ?

    No just the short demo example on the Radio Today page
    On the Mcasso jingles page the only client seems to be the BBC - no one else seems to have commissioned them for Radio Imaging yet.
  • Paul+MPaul M May 16

    Sorry Iain.. What I meant to say was does anyone know if there is anywhere that the full new package has been placed.
    There is only One on the Mccasso Site

  • " one else seems to have commissioned them for Radio Imaging yet"

    Gosh! I wonder why not ? After all these years?
    {...searches for emoticon representing sarcastic astonishment..........}

    Seriously though, the "production model" of using BBC musicians/orchestra/facilities and so on HAS
    been proven now to be an excellent one, if used constructively - the previous BBC Radio Wales (WB)
    and current BBC Radio Scotland (RW) customs have definately (...definitely...) shown that.

    The "problem" is...Mcasso themselves IMO - I feel that they just "don't get it" - they sound cheap and
    they don't seem to understand things like melody, how to make a strong logo, or even get a "BIG SOUND";
    its all just weak & wimpy.

    {...bring back the BBC Radiophonic Workshop and the BBC Northern Dance Orchestra - they did it
    better for BBC Locals in the 1960s!...}