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Stuck in the 80s, in stereo!
  • 30 years ago, Duncan Newmarch was electrocuted by his cassette radio. Now, he's stuck in the 80s.
    Best heard with headphones.
  • Amazingly good and all done live too ;)
  • jonnojonno April 27
    That was a fun was to spend the last hour :-) Top work Duncan!
  • "Download button"?

    (My Norton doesn't like the S/c Downloaders that I've found in recent times)
  • RadioboyRadioboy April 27
    You TOTALLY BLEW ME AWAY with this track!! This is AWESOME Dude! I especially enjoyed & the custom Starship intro & bits & pieces you incorporated into the song. (BRILLIANT!!)
    I sent you a private message on SoundCloud, I hope you will take a moment to respond time permitting.
  • Hi Radioboy- thank you, I've had some lovely messages. Of course, you'll never hear a show like that on the actual radio these days but I had fun making it and I've started to plan episode 2... but don't hold your breath.

    Iain- sorry. I didn't hit the download button as there are full songs on there. I'm putting a scoped version on YouTube with some fun visuals next week.
  • rakrak April 27
    Great fun, esp the edit from sonovox to group during the name sing on the Best Show image song (that R1 had). Look forward to to jingles montage in due course.

    Good Luck with the copyright police on SoundCloud. I've had a few threats of account suspension for using a few bits of songs amongst the jingles I've posted.
  • jonnojonno April 27
    rak said:

    the edit from sonovox to group during the name sing on the Best Show image song

    I thought that was very nicely done too.

  • scotronscotron April 27
    That was a treat to the ears Duncan. A great show. Well done.
  • of the most overplayed tracks of its time, because it had a lower airplay royalty than usual!

    Nice effort all round Duncan :^)
    Especially like your sonovox "alts" :^)

    Noted about "full tracks" copyright versus S/c downloading for future reference;
    I think I'd better NEVER attempt to put my "Musical Oddysey" 60 minutes effort from a few years back up anywhere on line!
  • you can hear the amount of work that's gone into that hour, the jingles and production are top notch, you can also hear the influences of Adrian Juste and Steve Wright! Awesome, just awesome!!
  • LenGroatLenGroat April 28
    S U P E R B !

    t H a N k S ....!
  • Thank you all. Naturally I wanted people to enjoy it but it means a lot coming from you guys. D
  • Great listen! I'd love to get a v/o talent like that for my occasional Youtube vids. Nicely done, Duncan
  • nleibonleibo April 28
    You're quite a "Showman", Duncan!!
  • m_hodgeym_hodgey April 28
    Now that’s how radio shows should be – fun on the air; really enjoyed listening to that Duncan! :)

    Your custom JAM Mixmaster (song singover) for the Starship “We Built This City” intro was brilliant!
  • IanFIanF April 28
    Great show there Duncan. Well done!
  • I thought you might like to see this. Pamela Day (Steele) has posted on my Facebook page:

    Back in the 80s and 90s, I occasionally narrated radio jingle demos for JAM Creative Productions. A super fun job where I got to say things like, "Cut 1", "Cut 2" and other cool copy that Jonathan Wolfert wrote showcasing their jingle packages. The jingles that came out of JAM had no peer - they were/are The Best. It was a great honor to work with the JAM crew. As a result of my JAM voice overs, I came to the attention of one Mike Powell, then of UKRD, a British radio group. I ended up doing a lot of radio imaging for them and even doing some voice tracking for a radio character called Talon - story for another time. But before the UKRD work, I got hired to do some imaging for BBC Radio 1. I was the female voice and John Wells was the male voice. For some reason, at that time American accents were in vogue on British radio, go figure. Long story short, Duncan Newmarch was a young pup back in those days and did a couple of radio gigs of his own. Duncan eventually became a continuity announcer on BBC One TV. If you're across the pond and watching BBC One, you'll hear him. But once radio gets in your blood...well, it's pretty hard to shake. Duncan has launched a radio side project just for fun. It's a radio show like they sounded in the 80s in the UK, complete with fab jingles and all the hit songs of the 80s. He got John Wells and me to do some imaging for the show, too. It's super fun to be a part of it and brings back lots of memories. The first episode is streaming on SoundCloud now. You'll hear John Wells' big booming voice of god right off the bat. Here's a link in case you might want to listen. We are waiting with bated breath for Show 2!
  • Much respect from Chicago, sir. Huge fan here!
  • Late to the party - but wow! Absolutely love it (and that lovely Pamela Day comment). Great work, Mr N.
  • I've already sent Duncan some nice private comments about the show, but, let it be known publicly that I think the show, in a word, is genius! Well produced, great mix of songs, incredible jingles, and that JAM mixmaster...!
  • Loved it Duncan and encore!!! Was that a nod to Knightmare at the end? John Wells actually delivered it better, no offence to Hugo Myatt (aka Dungeon Master) :)
  • Fantastic entertainment, Duncan. Radio like it should be ;-)
  • And in s-t-e-r-e-o! WOW!
    Absolutely everything I love(d) about RADIO, packed into this great show.
  • Another great example of unparalleled British humor. Only those of us who have been in a production room can appreciate the enormity of effort needed to put something like Duncan's show together. Just plain wonderful fun. Like the rest of JMers, I sincerely hope that you will treat us with a sequel.
  • I dread to think what the bill for all those personal cuts came to...:-) But all of them were superb. You have started something now Duncan. Jmers will be looking to a series......