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And so the dominoes fall...

    FOUR remaining non-Global major UK radio groups bought out by the German Bauer Group - in a few weeks.

    Lots more consolidation then, and sadly I think no more real jingle orders for S2Blue, JAM or TM in the UK.

    Unless Scottish independents such as Kingdom FM here or Original in Aberdeen or Waves Peterhead etc hold out
    a bit longer for the "nice big cheque in the post"
  • The ILR experiment started in the 70s is all but dead. If a station loses everything about it that is local then what is the point of listening to their playlist and enduring the relentless sponsorship and adverts ?

    Radios 1 and 2 will pick up audience.
  • I think theres a huge opportunity for Community Radio. I've always made sure with ours that we have an attention to imaging/sound. You can only hope that CR stations understand the importance of good station imaging. I know I'm probably in a minority.
  • scotronscotron March 5
    I think Ofcom need a good look at themselves. That is a polite way of saying, they need a kick up the posterior. (Polite version.) I hate what is happening to radio in this country. We used to have wonderful local stations. A station that talked about your area with local voices. A station that involved itself with communities and events and embedded themselves in the area. It was your station. Now we get a voice tracked intro from London out of the news into a piece of music to give the impression they are talking to you from somewhere close by. I agree with Tony. Community radio is there to fill that gap left by these new global ( lower case) national stations.
  • Being reported that Original in Aberdeen and Kingdom here in Fife have just been bought by DC Thomson (Beano,
    Dandy, and some "proper" Scottish newspapers) and who recently bought Wave in Dundee.

    The three last substantial non-foreign-owned ILRs on Scotland's east coast.

    Hardly any real "independents" left here now - will Norman & Sylvia be hoping for a phone call and a nice cheque?