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Does localisation work?
  • mbmb March 2
    So this is on Twitter as a poll:

    Mostly the vocals on jingles are pretty much the same solo's, 5 or 7 voice groups - or what's known as the "Dallas Sound" occasionally people try something different!

    Does anyone know if these aired on the stations? Were they joke cuts or just bad ideas crreated in the studio but never made it to cart!!
    I make them to be

    Invicta Radio 1 - Alfasound
    Mercia Sound - David Arnold
    Essex Radio - David Arnold
    Radio West - David Arnold
    BBC Radio London 1 - Alfasound
    Centre Radio - Sue Manning
    BRMB - Catrh Baxter? It's a resing of a Radio Tees Cut I think Don;t know if these ever aired?

    Personally I love the BBC Radio London cut hahahah

    are there any more out there that feature an accent or vocals a little errrrrrrrrrrrr different!?
  • IanFIanF March 2
    Loving that Essex Radio one hahaha Second place for the Invicta posh ID! Classic! lol Thanks for posting :)
  • I'm sure the Alfasound CBC "Its Pissing Down in Cardiff" weather variant didn't get near the TX(s)!

    Or the "Hilda Ogden" "Stan!" cut for (Piccadilly??? was it)

    Or a certain Hereward Radio Christmas cut?
  • Haha, these are great .... they're spoof's I think that the company's slip in for the client ;)

    BBC Essex 1986 David Arnold has in the name check's set one for 'Donkey's Knob' and I've heard jock sings for 'Betty The Cleaner' on an Alfasound package and all the hilarious pisstakes by those lovely 'Bastard Brothers' (the Alfasound company micky take is particularly on point !)

    There was the Lincs FM Alfasound Jam resing where the singer forgot the frequency so it became "One ohhhh, aww, one oh shit point two" "from the Humber to the Wash" ... Some are out-takes & gaffes, some I think from the twisted minds of jingle writers ;)

    In the 80's punky era I'd not be suprised if there were mood or style cuts on stations that reflected this, on Essex Radio you had uber prankster Timbo who loved funny jingles so that might explain the Essex one above.

    A great snatch of cuts, thanks !