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Goodbye Lincs FM plc
  • As I’m sure you know, it’s been a difficult few weeks for local commercial radio in the UK. Hundreds have lost their jobs and counties like Kent and Essex won’t even have studios based there anymore as London shows are networked.

    My former employer, the Lincs FM group have new management tomorrow- over the years they had a good selection of jingles. Compass FM launched with beautiful KOST resings (I chose them!), Rutland used cuts from The Magic is the Music and Ridings launched with classic TM cuts. Lincs and Trax cherry picked various JAM packages before a Steve England custom was created. More recently they all used cuts from S2Blue/Audiosweets.

    I was fortunate to attend some Lincs FM/Alfasound sessions at St Martins studios, where I witnessed the famous “one oh sh*t point two” blooper. In 1999, a dream come true to select and lyric an entire JAM package, listening to the Dallas session down the ISDN. Anyway, I found these today and now know how to upload them...
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  • mbmb March 1
    2019 The year of change
    When local radio actually meant local frequencies for national brands/ stations.
    Maybe the world has changed from the 70's - And tbh I don't blame Global or Bauer They want to make money for lowest cost - As the CEO of ClearChannnel Said hes not in the radio business he's in the car sales business. I blame the Government and it's regulators.We should have ended up with Strong national and regional radio. But we allowed the largest areas that could easily support themselves to fold together and made tiny tinpot station adhere to 24 hours live and local.Madness.

  •'ve got the actual release MASTER reels ???

    The rest of us, have if any, "only" got the Archive Ref Copies of Alfa tapes, e.g. ...

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