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Radio 1 top 40 spoken number jingles
  • IanIan February 20
    Hi guys. Would anyone happen to have the spoken number jingles used on the top 40 between 87 and 95 ish please. I believe there were 3 sets. The first being a male who I have no info on. Then John Wells and finally Pamela Steele. A long shot I know but worth an ask.
  • dtmarkdtmark February 20
    I haven't been here in years but I still get the emails.

    I have most of the off-air ones from circa 1995.

    I know that putting these up publicly doesn't go down well.

    I shall see if I can work out how to PM you.
  • OoOo are these the ones with the ramp before the vocal???
  • IanIan March 2
    Hi Nick, yes they are.
  • Loved that ramp sound and just before the number you would hear some sort of typing on keyboard ... If anyone has these would love to hear.
  • I'd love to hear the guitar ramps of '89 to around '92. Duncan Newmarch used these in "The Ones That Got Away".