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  • scotronscotron October 2018
    Found this little gem. Great jingles and actual DJs.
  • IainJohnstonIainJohnston October 2018
    Excellent !

    And to use the phrase "The Excitement On The Air!", THAT sums that up.
    Yes, they don't really "talk" about anything - buts their voices are "big" and
    the whole thing is a "performance".

    I hear "presenters" on BBC Radio 2 who talk very fast, but actually "bumble" vast amounts
    of absolute drivel that seems to be nothing now but namechecks for people driving from
    one end of the UK to another for a few days. Who cares?

    (And do those getting the "shout-outs" wonder if their house insurers know that they're
    telling everyone when their home is un-occupied?)

    And don't get me started about "talking over the vocals" both on jingles and all over the
    front and back of "the lyrics" !

  • DuncanNewmarchDuncanNewmarch October 2018
    That was fun and those jingles still sound great.
    Jeff Davis voiced JAMS Rockin' For America demo and the Authentic 80s CD, didn't know he was one of the jocks... cool!
  • ratnobratnob November 2018
    scotron said:

    Found this little gem. Great jingles and actual DJs.

    Thank you, Ron. Really enjoyed that.