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"ILR" is back
  • IainJohnstonIainJohnston August 2018

    ...and other similar links.

    Looks like those Alfa resings from a couple of years ago will be getting dredged up again...or will they?

    Mr L***d just keeps trying this over and over again.
  • jonnojonno December 2018
    Now running a test stream with announcements and jingles from both Alfasound packages (featuring mainly instrumental versions) at

    Just heard a few other jingles which I don't believe were part of the Victory packages with the '24 hour friend' strapline.
  • gameswizardgameswizard December 2018
    As it's being crowdfunded, this sounds like it's subject to the £6500 being raised of which they have £100.
    Interesting use of the words "which is scheduled", trying to emulate those loop test transmissions of true ILR's back in the day before launch, which in itself casts doubt on this hobby station being nothing more than a pipe dream.

    And just who is "Mr L***d"?
  • jonnojonno December 2018
    Link to all the crowd funding pages for this project.

    Alfasound Devonair instrumental jingles on the Devonair test stream

    Might have to check out which other stations in their portfolio have test streams and get recording.
  • mbmb December 2018
    I admire the tenacity and aims and the Trent Sound project from a few years ago looked quite strong with local bands playing etc, but all of the funding rounds have come way short of targets and its seems very optimisic. I just wonder how many people care any more and are just happy with Heart, Capital, or thier local Bauer or choice of others on DAB - these names are now long gone and mean nothing to a generation of online / DAB users. I DO wish them well but it seems hard work to get the public motivated by what they are trying to achieve.
  • IainJohnstonIainJohnston December 2018
    I really don't understand why Jevan (Andy?) Lloyd keeps on trying this [insert appropriate description here ]

    Some "internet stations" DO "work" within their expectations, but it takes a LOT of dedication from those involved, as we know.

    But this is a "vanity project" beyond all practical reason, unless he's got some very silly money in his pockets.

    Its comparable with "community TV", as rolled out as a pet project at vast expense with money forcibly deducted from the BBC,
    by a certain former Health Minister who now is bringing his dubious "talents" to an even higher office of state.
    And if anyone has recently seen whats "broadcast" on community TV now, its unbelievably cheap crud e.g. unheard of
    black & white cowboy films in quality that make 28k MP3 audio appear "sparkling".

    Please the Lloyds - time to call it a day.
  • m_hodgeym_hodgey December 2018
    There was an interesting report about the Radio Victory station published by Portsmouth News yesterday entitled “Radio Victory will broadcast once more in Portsmouth – but team behind it face a race against time to raise cash”:

    Most interestingly for the JingleMad community, the report makes light of the fact they have already spent £30k on registering the company and obtaining rights to some of the original jingles!
  • rakrak December 2018
    The irony is that Global DO have studios in Fareham, and this project is probably all run on a virtual platform running multiple playout PCs / apps in an office, nowhere near Pompey.
  • IainJohnstonIainJohnston December 2018
    If they've registered the company, why can't I find it on the Companies House register?
    Or does it NOT include the word "Victory"?
  • jonnojonno December 2018
    Loving the Trent backing tracks - lovely strings :)

  • m_hodgeym_hodgey December 2018

    If they've registered the company, why can't I find it on the Companies House register?
    Or does it NOT include the word "Victory"?

    Because the company is called Independent Local Radio Limited:

    They've had the trade mark "Radio Victory" since 2014:
  • LenGroatLenGroat December 2018

    "Loving the Trent backing tracks - lovely strings"

    I was taken right back to 1981 by it.... SO many to hear... and great to hear many of the instrumental tracks Alan Fawkes composed - the string players were from the Halle Orchestra - 5 of them! And Alan played saxophone and flute on many of the cuts. I was instantly singing the lyrics...

    I think most of the cuts were from Trent 1, 3 and 4 (?) and I've not heard many of them for years...

    I sat through all the track sessions so by the time they were sung over I already knew them front to back.

    As well as a few tracks 'inspired' by JAM (and WBT / TM) originals :-) see if you can spot the Al Jarreau / Steely Dan / Bobby Goldsboro inspired cuts, the one from PAMS 'WWWE', and a few more. Even a Chiltern Radio track !

    Some radio folk were derogatory about Alfasound at the time, but the sheer quality of the music tracks STILL shines as far as I'm concerned... We used Alfasound from early on, many other stations followed - without them ILR would not have had that distinctive sound..

    Alan & Steve were a great team - and amazingly S2Blue STILL have original singer Steve Butler on the re-sing of the song!

    And I love the "Less Global, more local" tag line...
  • ratnobratnob December 2018
    LenGroat said:

    Some radio folk were derogatory about Alfasound at the time, but the sheer quality of the music tracks STILL shines as far as I'm concerned... We used Alfasound from early on, many other stations followed - without them ILR would not have had that distinctive sound..

    I was never part of the 'radio folk' but as young Bobby D the jingle collector I always admired the way Alfasound knew from the US what jingles should sound like. And I particularly adored their Severn Sound package. Am enjoying listening to these test transmissions. Far, far better than most Global stuff I hear.
  • IainJohnstonIainJohnston December 2018
    Geoff - please check your email.
  • gameswizardgameswizard February 7
    Surprise, surprise (not really!) - all the launch countdowns (Victory, Trent & DevonAir) have ceased.
    This posted on DevonAir page:
    "We have decided to withdraw our crowd funding bid and to look again at the best way we can proceed, this is not something we have done lightly, but as we hadn’t managed to raise £1 in over four weeks of campaigning it seemed the best thing for us to do."
  • IainJohnstonIainJohnston February 7
    Not even ONE POUND?
    Surely they put their own pocket money into it if its such a brilliant project?

    The myth of "crowdfunding is easy" gets its bubble burst very easily - ordinary people are not really "radio anoraks".

    PS - Trent page still says March 4th 2019 as "launch".
  • gameswizardgameswizard February 7

    Not even ONE POUND?

    I've found more than that going down the street.
  • jonnojonno February 21
    Meanwhile, local online and Portsmouth DAB MUX station The Flash has been awarded an FM community licence and they are over half way towards raising the £4000 required to fund the new transmitter. They have been around online for a number of years and on DAB+ for the last few, building an audience and awareness in the local area while focusing on a music genre not catered for locally.
  • mbmb February 21
    I admire thier tenacity for trying and ambitions
  • jonnojonno February 21
    Indeed Mike, however without much of a USP (other than the jingles from a heritage ILR station of years gone by) and no audience yet - I feel the fundraising is never going to work out. In this day and age with so much available online and for free, I just don't think people will stump up the money unless they have a relationship and an affinity with the station. Sadly that means providing a service first to grow your audience and then go looking for financial support.

    The Flash got up and running online and started providing a service which, (a) proved the concept and demand for their type of service and (b) has enabled them to grow awareness and support. I believe they have used RSLs as a means of promoting the station to a wider potential audience. Leasing space on the Portsmouth DAB MUX has been a cost effective longer term way of making the station more widely receivable in the area. This gradual growth has built an audience which support the station and has made their fundraising bid for their permanent FM TX more likely to succeed.
  • IainJohnstonIainJohnston February 21
    As an ex-small-shareholder back in the days of "proper ILR", I can say it was hard enough back then to expect some
    kind of "return" on a station's actual trading/turnover (Sir Jimmy Gordon's SRH Group as a major exception).

    Most people only "made a profit" as investors when the big mergers/takeovers started sooking everything up.

    Personally, I was in it because since I would never actually ever really "own a radio station" (anorak speaking!)
    I did at least "want to own a brick in one" (or indeed a few bricks in several over the years), and got some
    money back at least.

    So for the Llyods and Co to STILL somehow want to do all this, they're actually 30 years too late, both
    in time, and in the reality of anything other than just a "money pit hobby" - there's no living in it.

    Good luck to the Flash though - if they can do it for the love of it and balance their books OK, then
    I hope they have a good time enjoying doing what they do best :^)
  • ratnobratnob February 27

    Just to conclude this thread ...
    ILR is most definitely not back again: